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Nutritech Premium Pure Whey Lite 1 Kg

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Premium Pure Whey Lite

100% Pure Lean Muscle Protein


NUTRITECH FOR HER is a series specifically designed to help women achieve their goals. NUTRITECH PREMIUM PURE WHEY LITE protein has been specifically designed to provide an ideal environment to support lean muscle maintenance, repair and toning lean muscle in athletes. The NUTRITECH PREMIUM PURE WHEY LITE protein formula contains a precise blend of rapidly releasing Micronized Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate which is easily absorbed, increasing the amount of amino acids available to the muscles. NUTRITECH PREMIUM PURE WHEY LITE protein has been formulated as an easy to digest source of protein, assisting those looking to maintain a high protein diet.



WHEY PROTEIN: Research shows that Whey Protein has the highest BV (Biological Value) of all proteins available in nature and has the highest rate of nitrogen retention. Evidence suggests that Whey Protein contains higher levels of essential amino acids than other proteins, promotes lean muscle growth and improves athletic performance. Studies show that Whey Protein can promote weight loss and improve immune-system function.


BRANCHED-CHAIN AMINO ACIDS: Evidence suggests that the BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) can assist in muscle maintenance, repair and toning lean muscle in athletes.
TOLERASE™ L: According to studies, Tolerase™ L helps to aid with the digestion of lactose in lactose intolerant individuals.


WHO? Anyone from dieters and busy businesswomen to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, exercising regularly and looking for a fast-absorbing quality meal replacement to help maintain a calorie-reduced diet.

WHEN? Preferably in place of one or more of your major meals, or between major meals as a snack.


WHY? Assist weight loss, reduce hunger, maintain lean muscle and help maintain a high protein calorie-reduced diet.


FLAVOURS:Cinnabomb , Chocolate,  Vanilla


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