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Meal Replacements (MRP)

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Supashape Diet Whey MRP 1.82 Kg





FLAVOURS: Chocolate , Vanilla , Stawberry




645.00 NAD

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SSN Lean Meal Replacement (MRP)


SSN's Lean MRP is a bio-engineered, nutrient dense, high protein meal replacement formula, designed to supply hard training athletes with a concentrated source of protein and other essential nutrients and thereby provide the nutritional support to optimally build muscle and burn fat.


Lean MRP's scientifically integrated blend of protein sources multiplies the strengths and diminishes the weaknesses inherent in individual proteins. By providing all of the essential amino acids, protein fractions and bioactive peptides that your body needs to support recovery and lean muscle growth as well as a better ratio of amino acids than any single-source protein on its own, SSN's Lean MRP helps ensure that protein synthesis is optimised, nitrogen balance is maintained and muscle catabolism is minimised ensuring maximum gains in lean muscle tissue. As a hard training athlete you can rely on SSN's Lean Muscle Meal to provide the nutritional assurance needed to meet your body's increased nutritional demands, supporting your recovery and lean muscle building efforts like no other MRP you've ever tried.

SSN's Lean MRP is the ideal "anytime" lean muscle building support formula, suitable for use in the morning, pre & post-training and before bed.


415.00 NAD